International Martial Arts & Boxing

International Martial Arts & Boxing er organisajonen til Richard Bustillo ( Eleven av Bruce Lee)
Representant i Norge Richard Haye

Our Unique Approach

IMB Logo red&blackOur Unique Approach
The IMB Academy takes a non-traditional approach towards Martial Arts training, focusing more on the individual and less on the style in which they study, because no single martial art style is applicable to each and every person. Students, as individuals, are different in size, physical ability, interest level and goals. The “JKD” classes provide a controlled atmosphere that allows IMB students to safely experience multiple types of disciplines. This process enables them to absorb that which is most practical and functional.

We supply you with the three basic ranges of various martial art disciplines. You practice them on your own and make your own decisions on what best fits your needs. Every individual, based on their abilities and experiences, has their own unique (Jeet Kune Do) way. IMB takes the position that, “These are some of our principles, theories, and concepts that are practical, simple and direct.” We don”t want to teach you only martial arts. We want you to be able to develop it. This philosophy is called Jeet Kune Do.